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Christian Century Blogs October 9, 2008

As I begin this post, Exploring Our Matrix has been part of the Christian Century blog network (CCBlogs for short) for just under three hours. I thought I’d introduce new readers from there to my blog, and regular readers from here to that network.

For those new to Christian Century and its blogs, this magazine is to the Christian mainline what Christianity Today is to Evangelicalism. Christian Century reflects the widespread approach to Christian faith that sees it as essential to engage and embrace science and our developing knowledge in all fields. It also reflects a committment to engaging injustice and societal issues. Read their “About Us” statement for more information, and browse the site and the blogs.

For newcomers to this blog, my name is James McGrath, and I’m associate professor of religion at Butler University in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. I attend Crooked Creek Baptist Church (an American Baptist church), where I teach an adult Sunday school class that is currently engaged in a series on “When Christians Disagree”. I’ve written three books: John’s Apologetic Christology (Cambridge University Press, 2001), The Burial of Jesus: History and Faith (BookSurge, 2008), and The Only True God (forthcoming from University of Illinois Press, 2009). My interests (and thus subjects I blog about) include religion and science, evolution, creationism and intelligent design, science fiction, Biblical studies, and the historical figure of Jesus.

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  • Hi James,You are now fully aligned. I will never forgive you.Just joking. As far as I can see, you’ve landed where you belong. You now have less of a chance to build bridges in the direction of evangelicals, but that gets old for many liberals. The stinking e’s hardly ever see the light.Until recently, my father was a deacon in an American Baptist congregation. Since moving to Dallas from Madison WI, he and his wife have joined a SBC congregation.I don’t think American Baptist congregations are numerous down there.

  • Good luck with this!

  • Kay

    Congratulations! Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. 😀

  • Thanks, everyone! John, I don’t know whether my chances of “building bridges with Evangelicals” is going to be a problem. American Baptists are on the Evangelical wing of the Protestant mainline, and my background is solidly Evangelical, even though I obviously have a lot of views and think a lot of thoughts that are atypical of Evangelicals (to say the least).