Mandaeans in Australia

The Mandaean community in Australia has been particularly active both in creating a web presence for the Mandaeans and in publishing printed facsimiles of Mandaean texts. There will be a radio show about the Mandaeans in Australia this coming Sunday:
ABC Radio National, Sunday October 5 at 7.10am (repeated on Wednesday October 8 at 7.05pm) or listen online.
[For American readers, that is a different ABC…can you guess what the “A” stands for?] Once the podcast is available to listen/download, you’ll find it here.
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  • Angie Van De Merwe

    Do you belive that the persecution that the Mandaeans experience is only due to the Iraqi war? Or do you think that irregardless Shairia law would be implemented by the extremists?

  • James F. McGrath

    The Mandaeans have often been in a difficult situation and have at times been persecuted down the ages. The specific mention of them as Sabaeans in the Qur’an ought to have assured them protected status, but when the polytheists of Harran also laid claim to that designation and the safety of status that went with it, the result was a muddying of the waters and insecurity for the Mandaeans.Nevertheless, the current situation of crisis goes back at least to the time of the first Gulf war and represents a significant worsening of things compared to their status in earlier centuries.