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I Slept Through Class

I didn’t sleep through class. But I did get an e-mail about a site called “I Slept Through Class“. The site offers students an opportunity to upload and download class notes. Are other educators aware of this? Do you think this is good news or bad? Will it encourage students to sleep through class, or [Read More…]

Stephen Barkley Reviews The Burial of Jesus

Stephen Barkley has posted a review of The Burial of Jesus on his blog and on [Read more…]

Obama Revelations

It seems like the frenzy of interest in the possibility that Obama is the antichrist is increasing as election day draws closer. I’ve had more hits than usual on my blog today, most of them from people searching on search engines for keywords like “Obama Revelations 13”. Presumably they are looking for Revelation 13 rather [Read More…]

Crisis Cartoons

There were two cartoons posted on blogs recently, related to the current economic crisis in the United States, that seemed worth sharing. The first is from the Kenyan Daily Nation (HT Kouya Chronicle): The second I found at Shuck and Jive: [Read more…]

Messiah vs. Myth: Did Jesus Exist? A Response to Tom Verenna

I’ve begun a “bloggersation” with Tom Verenna, on the subject of the existence of Jesus. I hope that in future posts, Tom will call me James. Otherwise, I’ll come back and edit this post and call him something more than simply “Tom”! In his reply to an earlier post of mine to which I pointed [Read More…]

The Problems with Antiantisupernaturalism

In a discussion of The Burial of Jesus, which advocates the use of historical methods to investigate historical questions, I encountered the accusation that this approach reflects the “antisupernaturalism” of historians. I am convinced that this accusation is unfair, for two reasons. First, it is not simply historians who ask for more impressive evidence for [Read More…]

The Uncensored Bible

I won’t go into details about the book by John Kaltner, Steven L. McKenzie and Joel Kilpatrick, The Uncensored Bible: The Bawdy and Naughty Bits of the Good Book (HarperOne, 2008), both in order to allow readers to get the full possible enjoyment of the book, and to keep my blog G-rated. The book could [Read More…]

Black Belt Librarian

I want to highlight a new blog created by a librarian at Butler University, Brad Matthies, who is also a friend of mine. The title is “Black Belt Librarian”. It should warn you, before you go over there and start stirring up trouble, that the black belt is no mere metaphor. The Black Belt Librarian [Read More…]

Philosophical Attack Ads

If you are growing tired of attack ads as election day draws near, there is only one remedy: watch amusing attack ads that don’t feature any of the current presidential candidates, but instead feature famous philosophers. Here are two that a colleague in philosophy brought to my attention: Kant Attack Ad Kierkegaard in ’08 [Read more…]

How Dishonorable Was Jesus’ Burial?

I received a question from someone who is reading my book, asking the following: I’m just curious if you’ve read two articles that argue against McCane’s thesis of a dishonorable burial. William Lane Craig (“Was Jesus Buried in Shame: Reflections on B. McCane’s Proposal,” Expository Times, 115, 2004, 404-409 ) argues against McCane directly, and [Read More…]