Religious Worldviews and the Candidates

It is interesting that religious significance is being attributed to both Barack Obama and Sarah Palin by individuals and communities that are very different, but have in common a tendency towards extremism.

On the one hand, BuzzFlash goes so far as to suggest that Sarah Palin is a “Manchurian Candidate” representing a theocratic brand of Apostolic Pentecostalism (HT Rev’s Rumbles):

On the other hand, Louis Farrakhan’s Messianic view of Barack Obama is being highlighted by conservative sources like Uncommon Descent:

It seems advisable to not jump to conclusions about either candidate interpreting their role in the same way that some religious communities are. I suspect that most Americans, even the devoutly religious, would not like to vote for either a theocrat or someone with a Messiah complex. And so if the views expressed by these preachers could be attributed to the candidates in question, then there’s a reasonable chance that Ross Perot might win by write-in vote.

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  • yeah! we had a really interesting discussion here at LTS about this very issue. i sort of covered it here but not with any sort of objectivity: illustrations and things to chew on. RAWK

  • I think religion makes the stakes higher, because “God” is on YOUR side and your perspective! God should never be used for this reason.Demonization happens in politics all the time, but put that in a religious context and you have putrified stench!Maybe Marx was right about religion being the opiate of the people, for if one challenges religious views, you have challenged the “heart and soul” of identification for most people…