850,000 Pounds in Christian Aid?

I often post warnings about scam e-mails, but the one I just received is really quite remarkable. It came from the address notification@christianaid.org with the title “Christian Aid Grant No. (CAG: 21 5 A 68)”. The gist of the e-mail is that, in an effort to combat poverty, I will be given 850,000 pounds Sterling. While I concur that a generous gift to that effect would indeed be gratefully received and would indeed keep poverty at bay, it is precisely this that makes the e-mail so obviously a phishing scam. No one is going to give sums of this amount away to people at random. Don’t fall for it – but do have a laugh at the whole idea that someone could take such an e-mail seriously!

Just for clarification, if anyone, having read this, wants to give me a large sum of money, please just mail the check to my work address. No need to go through the whole lengthy process of sending an impersonal e-mail asking for me to part with my personal information. Or better yet, have FedEx deliver me a large crate of cash. If anyone thinks that giving a large sum of this sort to a random individual really would help alleviate poverty, I’m willing to do my part…

Here’s the text of the e-mail:

Christian Aid®
35 Lower Marsh
Waterloo London
SE1 7RL.

Dear Sir/Madam,

This is to notify you that you have been chosen by The Board of Trustees of the Christian Aid (NGO UK) as One of the final Recipients of a Cash Grant/Donation Economic growth and a poverty alleviation scheme. Christian Aid (U.K.) a Multi-Million Pounds NGO group was Established with the objective Of Human Growth, Educational and Community development. In line with the 61st anniversary program, the Christian Aid (U.K.) in conjunction with the European Council is giving out Eight Million Five Hundred Thousand Pounds Sterling as specific Donations/Grants to 10 lucky International recipients worldwide in different Categories for Business development and Social.

These funds are freely given to use for your business And educational development, charitable work and your Community development at large.

Your Email was selected Based on an internet random Selection exercise,you therefore are confirmed one of The lucky recipients and are entitled To GBPЈ850,000 (EIGHT HUNDRED AND FIFTY THOUSAND POUNDS STERLING ) as charity donations/aid from the Christian Aid (UK).

You are required to Contact immediately the Christian Aid(UK) Secretary below: for Qualification documentations, verification and Processing of your GBPЈ850,000 entitlement.
Endeavour to quote your Qualification Number: (CAG: 21 5 A 68)

Dr. John Mckie
Christian Aid (UK)
TEL/Fax: +44 703 194 2562
Email: dr.johnmickie08@googlemail.com

With the following information;

Claims Requirements:

1.Name in full———————————————-
7.Present Country——————————————-
8. Alternate Email Address———————————-

Please note that these donations/Grants are Administered by a UK Bank and therefore subject to UK Banking Laws. You are by all means advised, To keep this whole information confidential until you Have collected your grant, this is to avoid double And unqualified claim, due to beneficiaries informing Third parties on cash grant donation.

On behalf of the Board, kindly accept our warmest Congratulations!

Yours faithfully,

Daleep Mukharji
Christian Aid Director.

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  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/18330645816708296424 Eric Sowell

    If you do manage to get someone to give you that much money, I would suggest using that huge wad of cash to upgrade from dial up internet :)

  • Anonymous

    *SNORT* … I just got the same exact e-mail in my yahoo account. I have to wonder how many others got this one (and sadly fell for it).

  • Anonymous

    I got a similar message from the same sender with an offer of Eight Million Five Hundred Thousand Pounds Sterling as specific Donations/Grants. That’s unbelievable how people can take other as stupid, they think thay are the only smart people