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I’m grateful to Jim West for pointing out this amusing new book: How to Profit From the Coming Rapture: Getting Ahead When You’re Left Behind. Jim seems not to have gotten the joke, though. He also has a post/link on press coverage of Biblical archaeology.

Mark Goodacre shares his conference paper on dating New Testament sources. NT Wrong shares a video with Bart Ehrman on the Bible and suffering. Ken Schenck continues his series on the antichrist. Scotteriology continues surveying God’s Word in Human Words. Scot McKnight continues his series on original sin. Experimental Theology explains why legislation like Proposition 8 is bad news even for Christians who oppose gay marriage. Jason Rosenhouse explains thermodynamics and evolution. John Shuck shares music about mystery.

And given the name of my blog (and the fact that I’m a PC user) I had to share this gem of a video: The Matrix Runs Windows (HT SF Signal).

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  • Jim

    you sure it’s a joke? It’s just the sort of garbage i see every time i make the mistake of going into one of those dreadful christian bookstores.

  • James,Thanks for the shout. I am in love with Iris.

  • Thank you, James. Bart Ehlrman’s video on suffering was very informative and soothing to my soul. He has always seemed to be so cognizant of the issues and questions, without any clamour in his demeanor. I like him a lot and it helps to know that he has gone through some similar struggles in his faith and has settled them… I didn’t have time to read everything on your “suggestion list”.I loved the Matrix, and I’m glad that it is not “reality” (or is it:))…

  • BTW, Dr. Ehrman talked about “bilbical minimalism”. I have seen it on the side bar of Quadralateral Thoughts, and wondered if you knew anything about it. It sounds interesting.

  • Jim, I’m confident it is a joke – but only because it is in the humor category on Amazon. Amazon puts Left Behind in the science fiction category, so they seem to be pretty accurate.Angie, Biblical minimalism is the attempt to conclude only what clear evidence from archaeology (rather than texts written much later) can confirm. Jim West can tell you more. 🙂 I’m not sure whether The Guild of Biblical Minimalists offers any kind of instruction in minimalism, but they do offer pretty decent satire on occasion…