Neo-Pagan Pleads With Liberal Christian To Help Him Find His Way

David Ker seemed troubled that the Beliefnet Belief-O-Matic quiz he took categorized him as a Liberal Christian. David should be pleased, and perhaps help me find my way back to the true fold. The same quiz thinks I’m a Neo-Pagan! At least if that one doesn’t appeal to me, I have liberal Quaker and Reform Judaism to fall back on as close second and third options.

In other news, Michael Bird has shared an interesting piece on why professors blog.

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  • Ian

    Apparently I should be a Unitarian Universalist (scored 100%!). If not UU, then I have liberal Quaker, Secular humanist to fall back on, with Neo-Pagan a distant fourth. Mainline to Liberal Christian Protestant runs sixth, behind Theravada Buddhism and barely ahead of Non-theist.I suppose I should be grateful that Liberal Christian came out ahead of Non-theist. But maybe that was a function of the way the questions were phrased…

  • James F. McGrath

    How about the two of us start a new religious movement called “Don’tlikethequestionsonthebeliefometerism”? :)

  • Ian

    Beliefnet’s questions are still better than those who claim that you can’t be Christian if you don’t accept the Nicene Creed. Part of me wants to say “but Jesus most probably wouldn’t have accepted the Nicene Creed”…and then I realise that Jesus (a) was a Jew, and (b) would probably want nothing to do with modern Christianity.

  • David Ker

    We’re all lost sheep loved by the Good Shepherd. Baaaaaaaaa.

  • Qalmlea

    Hmmm… I also scored as a Unitarian Universalist… On the plus side, I’ve found nothing objectionable in Unitarian Universalism.

  • Angie Van De Merwe

    I took the test and came out as I thought, Unitarian Universalist-100%, both types of Buddhism, with Mainline, conservative, and orthodox and catholic at 30% or below…I guess that means I am not “christian”…unless one agrees that unitarian universalist included christian faith…I listened to a video and wanted to join right away!!1

  • Robert Cornwall

    I’ve done this several times before, but just for good measure did it again. I agree, I don’t really like the questions. I come out as Mainline to Liberal (100%). I think the fact that I said that baptism was not necessary put me in with the Quakers (2, 3). But I had problems with that question — it got me in trouble when I was teaching at a conservative Christian Church college. I believe that baptism is spiritually beneficial, but not absolutely necessary. My sacramental understandings are definitely not Quaker, but what can I say. I can also say that I’m definitely not Jehovah’s Witness or LDS, indeed, according to this I’m more likely to be non-theist than LDS. Quite interesting!