“This is a historic election” – Congratulations President Obama!

As I prepared to write a post congratulating president Barack Obama, and Indiana, the state I live in, for its role, John McCain’s concession speech came on TV. McCain spoke of his genuine admiration for Obama, and eloquently articulated the historic significance of this moment in our nation’s history.

I hope that McCain’s supporters will join him in his offer of goodwill as he asked them to, and in his recognition that what matters is working together to create an environment in which the ideas that continue to separate so many in our nation can continue to be debated and discussed, as we work together to uphold our democracy and the freedoms that enable us to disagree so freely.

Congratulations America, and congratulations Indiana, for making history!

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  • Anonymous

    One problem left: What if he actually is the antichrist?

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/07395422809298131385 Levi

    i told my wife it would have been quite hilarious for him to begin his speech by announcing that his first goal will be to unite Russia and Israel and for the world to switch to a universal currency…and then laugh and say just kidding

  • steph

    Congratulations America. You voted for the right man (well most of you anyway). While we celebrate in the rest of the world, I hope we can now like America a bit more once we can wash away all that imperialistic political rhetoric. Congratulations Obama and thank God for Michelle.