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It seems ironic to me that Roger Pearse has now taken the step of censoring my responses to him, since the discussion began with the topic of being “less friendly”. Here’s the comment he “unapproved”:

“Lynch the Christians”? Why would I want to have myself lynched? Presumably you have brought a great deal of baggage to this subject, and have made some assumptions about where I am coming from. I am sure you will remain persuaded that I am the one projecting, and I’m open to that possibility. But be that as it may, I sincerely doubt that I am the only one.

Your response, I might add, illustrates my point. Criticism is treated as persecution by lots of conservative Christians. I know I viewed it that way in my more conservative days. No one has called for Christians to by lynched in connection with this discussion. In fact, what I pointed out is that a metaphorical “lynching” is more likely from conservative Evangelicals than from SBL, but conservatives regularly project their own hostility onto their opponents. Really, could you have illustrated my point better than in your reply above, which clearly not only misses the point of my initial post, but projects onto me and onto the whole discussion a hostility that I certainly didn’t introduce?

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  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/07299727033033232363 John Lyons

    Your mistake, it seems to me, was to care, James. You really should let your past go and move on, you know :) The SBL is less friendly to evangelicals because it is more ecumenical in the views that it allows, not because of any claim to objectivity. I am happy with that description of things, and I think Jim went way over the top in responding to the original post (as, let’s face it, he is wont to do). The SBL is not overtly hostile to evangelicals, however, and so many still go and enjoy the event. But ETS is an inhouse group, and so it is viewed as more friendly – by and large – by evangelicals, and why not. What makes me laugh is what an AAR fanatic might think of the SBL being described as “less friendly” to evangelicals.

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/00928552876098168839 Three Ninjas

    Honestly, most of this is over my head and I’m having a bit of a hard time following it, but it seems to me that Roger might be more than a little paranoid.

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/00928552876098168839 Three Ninjas

    OK, having just read Roger’s description of brinking, it seems just as likely that Roger is the one who brinked James.