Every Star Shall Sing A Carol

In my last post I mentioned that Ray Bradbury’s “Christus Apollo” is but one of several poems or songs exploring the meaning of Christmas in the context of both Christian theology and the possibility of intelligent extraterrestrial life. Another example is Sydney Carter’sEvery Star Shall Sing A Carol“. Here’s an excerpt:

Who can tell what other cradle,
high above the milky way,
still may rock the King of heaven
on another Christmas day?
God above, Man below,
holy is the name I know…

Every star and every planet,
every creature high and low,
come and praise the King of heaven
by whatever name you know.
God above, Man below,
holy is the name I know.

Those interested in this subject may also enjoy reading David Wilkinson’s article “Missionaries to Mars?”, Gabriel McKee’s “Are God and Aliens Compatible?”, and Jill Tarter’s “SETI and the Religions of Extraterrestrials”, among others.

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  • I first learned this carol at choir camp in 1967 (Episcopal Diocese of Minnesota), and I still have the music. Now I know who wrote the words, but am still wondering who wrote the melody my version is set to. I’m having our junior choir sing it for Christmas Eve. Anybody know any settings of this carol? I love it.

  • I’ve never actually heard the music. Do you have a copy you could send me? I’d be very grateful – and also try to help track down the melody’s source.

  • I’ll have to scan it in for you. It’s a handwritten page with melody and guitar chords, a lovely tune. I can do that tomorrow. I’ll appreciate any help you can give with identifying the composer