Like Father, Like Son?

When I was 8 years old, there was no such thing as the internet, at least in anything like the form in which it exists today. It was a few years later that movies like War Games began to feature smart kids with computers dialing in directly to connect to other computers. Those of us who had computers at that time played games we loaded onto our TRS-80 from a cassette player. Some will remember this classic of that bygone era.
My son is now 8, and decided it was time to start blogging – not because I do it, but because he has friends at school who have blogs. His blog is called “Alex’s Stuff”.
I’m not sure at what age it is appropriate to have one’s own blog, or whether there even is such a thing as an “appropriate age“.
For the time being, it looks like his blog is going to be an entertaining source of information about age-appropriate online games, funny videos, and other such things.
If you have a child in that age group, perhaps they’d like to pay a visit to Alex’s Stuff.
One thing I can say for sure: his father would value feedback on blogging as a passtime for kids. This is one case in which I can’t draw on my own experience as a point of reference!
I can also share already a reason I value his blogging. I learned from it that he actually enjoys playing the violin (that’s not always what he says when we tell him he needs to practice).
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  • Bob MacDonald

    I am impressed. I imagine that he may well be like father, like son. I have no other family members with blogs, though my daughter is on facebook (at 40, she’s long past the 8 year old stage). One is a fiddler as I have told you, but he is too busy to blog. I expect that such self-expression may be of value, but it is very hard to judge the impact of community building in advance. Maybe a Ker-kin will respond to Alex’s stuff. You can tell him I enjoyed the Mythos – looks like he has a good teacher – technique of left wrist is strong, bow arm looks good too. I remember having my socks knocked off by an 8 year old when my son was just beginning – He played Bach with authority (better than this example).

  • Ted

    Our 14-year-old daughter wants to start blogging. She identifies herself a writer. I get up around 4 (a hungry and persistent cat my alarm) to write — not just blogging, but that’s some of it.She gets up a little before 6 (pretty impressive for a teen; we’ll see how long it lasts) to write fiction. And drink coffee. Soon she’ll be blogging as well (she just bought her own laptop by saving babysitting money). And not because I do; she didn’t even know I had a blog until we started this conversation, and she’s not going to be reading mine anytime soon.I think blogging can be a great outlet for anyone interesting in writing, and a great exercise. It can, of course, just be pointless. But to be able to write and get feedback, and the luxury of presuming an actual audience — I think these are positive things, and I don’t think 8 is necessarily too early to start.

  • BSM

    Wow…The kids are blogging. Now I do feel old!

  • benjdm

    I don’t know if anyone else would make the same connection, but this makes me think of Tevye from Fiddler on the Roof. Being open to sons and daughter doing new things that we’re unsure of – and there’s a violin involved, too!May I be as open to change.

  • David Ker

    You might imagine that my kids all want to be bloggers but they’re happy to leave that as Dad’s obsession. I have toyed with the idea of allowing them to post their compositions and artwork from school on a blog as a way of creating an online portfolio (They do some terrific stuff, says proud Dad). I would be more hesitant about MySpace, etc. But you’re talking about an eight year old. Not too many concerns at this point as long as you are reading it and making sure that he isn’t posting personal information or getting a lot of online attention from someone you don’t know.A “by invitation only” private blog might be a good starting point.I’ve continued to be pleased with K9 Web Protection. It has allowed my kids to browse with a level of accountability and safety.I just looked at his blog. Dang, you should be proud. Congrats! My eight-year old also loves Lego Star Wars stuff.