Mamma Mia

I just watched the movie Mamma Mia, and would basically say many of the same things about it as I did about the most recent Indiana Jones movie. So I’ll just point out the differences. Mamma Mia had soundtrack by Abba rather than John Williams, Greeks instead of Russians, and Remington Steele instead of Han Solo. Oh, and I don’t think there were any interdimensional beings in Mamma Mia (although given that people kept turning up in 70s clothing towards the end, it was hard to be sure). Otherwise they were basically the same movie, more or less…
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  • Mark Goodacre

    Hi James. Good to hear that you have caught up on the movie event of the year :) Cf. Mark Kermode’s review referenced again in my Ralphies if you have not already seen it. Cheers, Mark

  • steph

    Oh you boring old snobs. I took my mother and much to my surprise I loved it. You’re just unsentimental non romantics :-)(and who is Han Solo anyway? I didn’t see Indiana Jones and I bet it didn’t have a Meryl Streep. I’ve never heard of Williams unless he’s a country and western singer and that sucks … at least Abba, love them or hate them – and I thought I hated them – are a classic, like the Beatles who I do love…)

  • steph

    Sorry Mark – I misunderstood. I thought you were being cynical too but I’ve read your posts now.James – you’re a boring old snob! :-)

  • James F. McGrath

    Boring? Yes! Snob? Probably!Old?!?!?!?!?!?!Sorry, but I don’t accept criticism well from people who think John Williams might be a country and western singer… :)

  • steph

    Well yes, as you’re probably a tiny bit younger than me, you are incredibly young – a boy even…Maybe John Williams is that American pop classical composer?