On the Trail of NT Wrong: Roundup

My quest for the historical NT Wrong began on a whim, after being surprised how often the subject of NT Wrong’s identity came up in conversation with other bibliobloggers. I decided to take some of the extremely implausible theories I’d had fun concocting in my mind and share them with a wider audience. I ignored the very obvious possibility that NT Wrong is a pseudonym for someone who does not already have another blog. It was more fun that way. I also thought about investigating myself, in a fashion that involved a My Own Worst Enemy scenario, but decided the series had gone on long enough. But a sequel is never out of the question (as we know from those instances when it wasn’t but should have been).

The candidates for Wrongdom I investigated included Mark Goodacre, Jim West, J. C. Baker, the Emperor Nero (still not quite dead), Nick Cave, the Ecclesiastical Redactor, Chris Tilling, Tom Verenna, James Crossley, The Guild of Biblical Minimalists, Dan Brown, my future self, R. A. Montgomery (in a choose your own adventure blogging scenario that left some readers stranded in the past), with some concluding reflections by Albert Schweitzer. If a sequel is ever in view, I will of course include Michael Halcomb, April DeConick, Ken Schenck and Jessica Simpson, to name a few.

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