School’s Out ‘Til Summer!

Grades have been submitted. The semester is officially over.

When my colleagues return in the Spring to teach their classes, I will not be among them.
Instead, I’ll be playing hooky and taking my band on tour.
Below are some prelimary tour photos:

Band lineups are always changing, and so I invite readers of this blog with an interest in defining the band’s future makeup (and with at least a minimimal proficiency with Photoshop) to make modifications and send the “improved” pictures to me. I’ll gladly feature them here.
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  • BSM

    Be careful what you wish for…

  • David Ker

    Rock on, dude! My photo editing skills are limited to putting the hippo on top of photos so I’ll spare you that again.Just remember: jobs come and jobs go but blogging is forever. So keep sending out the goods!

  • James F. McGrath

    I think a hippo could be part of the band…