A prayer of repentance to be said after succumbing to the urge to forward a goofy email

David Ker has composed this lovely prayer of repentance to be said after succumbing to the urge to forward a goofy email:

God, I hang my head in shame.
My idiotic emails have tarnished your name.

Instead of spreading lucidity.
I have been a proclaimer of stupidity.

Words of praise to you should be my song.
Not forwarded emails that are always wrong.

Help me not to waste others’ time,
But instead reflect on the divine.

Make me a fool for Christ. I am a fool.
But let me not be the enemy’s tool.


Please forward it to everyone you know, asking them to forward it to everyone they know if they want the prayer to be answered. 🙂

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  • I recently responded to a friend who took offense when I did “reply-all” responses to his forwarded non-sense emails. “Mark, I do not think you a ‘very gullible person’. Rather, I see Christians in general as mostly gullible, and that is very lamentable. The fact is, Christians are ‘believers’ already. We believe much that others find dubious. So, certain non-believers who wish to investigate the truth claims of Christianity test it this way: they ask, ‘Is Christianity true? or are these Christians just a gullible lot?’ To test their theory, they post a few hoaxes (in some cases ridiculous hoaxes) on the internet to see if Christians will take the bait. When we do so, when we pick up their little spam jokes, and pass them along in endless strings of forwarded email, the skeptics not only laugh at us, but they justify their own unbelief, and say, ‘See, the sort of people who believe in Jesus will also believe just about anything else we throw their way.’ This solidifies their view that Jesus is nothing more than the master hoax of all time. “So when I see these emails floating about, it troubles me, and I say so publicly. Christians are sadly gaining notoriety as folks who will fall for anything. I find this deplorable, and you should, too. So, instead of taking my remarks personally, help me to change the way Christians think.”I appreciate David’s tongue-in-cheek prayer, and maybe humor will accomplish more than public humiliation. But I will continue to expose gullibility when I see it.