Latest (Last?) Dharma Special Access Videos

The 8th (and perhaps final?) Dharma Special Access videos have been posted. The first is a sneak peek at a Hurley-centric moment in the season premiere. The second is the “faces of LOST”, and I can’t help but feel that the backgrounds and settings in which the photos of the cast were taken are symbolic clues.

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  • Brandon

    Access Denied

  • James F. McGrath

    The password is bharosa. Try entering it here.

  • Sam Norton

    This is not to do with Lost but with BSG – I’d be most grateful if you could avoid spoilers over the next few days – we can only watch the new episodes in the UK from the 20th, not tonight like you lucky lot.Cheers

  • James F. McGrath

    All I can promise is to warn if there are any, as in:[SPOILER ALERT] Sam Norton is the final cylon…:)

  • Sam Norton

    Ha! Most of the time I think it’s going to be Gaeta, but just recently I think it’ll be Caprica 6 – now wouldn’t that be a twist…