Music and Mathematics: The Dyson Legacy

I was struck yesterday to discover that a composer whose music I enjoy, George Dyson, was the father of physicist Freeman Dyson, whose writings on science and religion I value.

I can’t speak for the Dysons, but for me personally, music is a better vaccine against reductionism than anything else I know of.

(If you’re interested in how the Dyson family legacy continues, by the way, FreemanDyson’s son George is a historian of technology).

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  • Luke

    and their vacuums really suck too! 😉

  • Quixie

    And Galileo’s father, Vincenzo Galilei, was an accomplished musician and composer as well.Having experience both as an artist and as a scientist, I am convinced that the rush that one gets upon solving a complex series of tough equations is indistinguishable from the rush felt by the artist upon solving some aesthetic problem.peaceÓ