On The Trail Of Bullgeschichte

My quest for NT Wrong took me across vast stretches of time and space. Today’s quest took me to unexpected places, too, but the end is one I ought to have seen coming.

I’ve been discussing mythicism as well as oral tradition, both in relation to the historical figure of Jesus, on this blog in recent weeks and months. Today I had a review, written by Robert M. Price, about Eddy and Boyd’s The Jesus Legend, pointed out to me by Tom Verenna. The review contains such colorful statements as “Here oral tradition has become anal tradition. Heilsgeschichte has turned into Bullgeschichte.” When I went to look for the review again, I discovered that this was not the first use of the term “Bullgeschichte”. By way of Higgaion and Daily Hebrew, I discovered the origin of the term.

The origin of Bullgeschichte can be traced to none other than Jim West.

Those who know Jim and his work will not find this at all surprising.

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  • roland

    I like that a lot – bullgeschichte!

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/03126711689901268060 Quixie

    I love Bob Price. He is ruthless. Interesting to contrast the two way-different review styles on the same book. Ó

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/09539170598198122642 Chris

    Bullgeschichte: I love it!

  • http://tomverenna.wordpress.com Tom Verenna

    I’m glad I pointed out the review. At the same time, I’m glad others picked up on “bullgeschichte”! I can think of a number of people I could apply this term to, and I doubt anyone would raise alarm. 😉