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No Explanations

This sign needs to be widely circulated. I presume it comes from a church that was concerned tourists and guides would speak in the church, disturbing worshippers. But there are so many other ways it could be contrued, not to mention its potential for use in a powerpoint about 1 Corinthians 14:35… (HT Theophrastus and [Read More…]

Quote of the Day (Mike Leaptrott)

“Lately, I’ve come to see faith and doubt as complimentary ingredients in our cocktail of thought. When was the last time you enjoyed a glass of lemon juice or a spoon full of sugar? We may disagree about the perfect recipe for lemonade and some of us may opt for more experimentation over more traditional [Read More…]

Mythical Multi-Bloggersation

The discussion of the “mythical Jesus” viewpoint that has at times been present here (I can hardly say it “began” here) has spread to AIG Busted, in the form of a post that also touches on creationism, cosmology, and (in the comments) even Japanese Role Playing Games, Justin Martyr and sons of Jupiter. so there’s [Read More…]

Beauty Detection Apparatus or Beauty Creation Apparatus?

In some cases, we have built devices to detect such things as radioactivity, or infrared light. In other cases, we have built devices to pick up and decode signals that we as human beings have produced. The air all around you and I is filled with music, but it may take a radio receiver to [Read More…]

Encountering Jesus

This past Sunday we rounded up a discussion of Christology in the Sunday school class I teach. In response to the suggestion that belief in the “divinity” of Jesus might be essential to Christianity, I took a different tack than I usually might. Usually I would have pointed out that most or all of the [Read More…]

LOST Rules

Those who have seen tonight’s episodes of LOST will probably get the pun in the title. Those who haven’t ought not to read this post yet. Knowing about the future doesn’t do most of us any good. Spoilers will follow. You’ve been warned. After waiting so long for the new season of LOST, it is [Read More…]

A Historic Inauguration, A Historic Sermon Still To Come

I’ve watched the events of the last 24 hours with awe and excitement, unable to think of anything to blog that would be adequate to the occasion. But I do want to mention that Rev. Sharon Watkins, who will be preaching at the National Prayer Service tomorrow, is not only a Butler University graduate, but [Read More…]

So Insignificant, So Special

The latest cartoon from The Ongoing Adventures of ASBO Jesus captures well how there can be different perspectives on the same evidence. I’d say that both can be true, simultaneously, as different facets of the same reality. [Read more…]

Doubt in Faith’s Clothing

I found myself thinking today that what fundamentalists call “faith” looks surprisingly like “doubt”, and what they consider “doubt” at the very least demonstrates a greater amount of “faith” than their own so-called “faith”. Let me explain. (And, by the way, I hope none of those “quotation marks” were “unnecessary”) Fundamentalists increasingly take measures to [Read More…]

Quotes of the Day

I couldn’t choose, so here are several gems to choose from: “Biblical inerrancy can’t hold off demographic realities forever” (Bill Leonard) “I’ve said it before: the surprising thing isn’t that creationists are dishonest; it’s that, with all the practice they’ve had, they aren’t any better at it” (John Pieret). “If you don’t like change, you’re [Read More…]