Teach Them Science

I’ve just been made aware of two web sites related to science education and/or the relationship between religion and evolution. The first is called Teach Them Science. The second is the Fact and Faith website, which includes a book that can be downloaded for free entitled God By Evolution.

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  • With far to many self proclaimed agents of God representing science as the bastion of evil, your words are much appreciated.Thanks!

  • Antonio Jerez

    Took a rapid look at the book “God by evolution”. It´s the usual amateurish playing around with quantum mechanics to sneak god into the equation.

  • Glancing at the parts of “God by evolution” where Jarvis talks about language development and human migration (i.e. issues of which I understand a bit), I’m sorry to tell you that he’s way off the mark, apparently only taking into account the Indo-European language family. Well, worldwide there are at least a dozen. For the African language family Nilo-Saharan, e.g. (which isn’t even the oldest on that continent), it has been established that they originated in the area of the Nile confluence about 20,000 years ago (dispersing due to climatic deterioration) – cf. Blench 2006 “Archaeology, Language, and the African Past”, page 179.