Cyber-Symbology in the early-21st Century: Call For Papers

David Ker has announced the following conference, to be held a millenium from now.

Cyber-Symbology in the early-21st Century: Recursive Orality and Cotexting through Cyber-Psalm 26

Date: February 29, 3008
Location: TBA
Call for papers: Please submit title, abstract and a brief bio. Due to the nature of this conference an infinite number of papers may be submitted.

I am proposing a paper, since I’m confident that between now and then, time travellers from the future will come and fetch me to make my attendance possible. Details follow…

Paper proposal and abstract:

Why The Lingamish Blog is a Twenty-Third Century Forgery

Although many have claimed the recently-discovered Lingamish blog to be not only an authentic artifact of the 21st century, but the original source of the spiritual classic Cyber-Psalm 26, this paper will demonstrate that Lingamish is in fact a forgery from the 23rd century. Two key pieces of evidence converge to require this conclusion. The first is the claim to authorship made on Lingamish, which is precisely what one would expect in a late forgery, whereas all surviving early 21st century sources indicate that authorial intention was considered irrelevant during that epoch. The second is the absence of the numbers 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, and 42, which were central to the spirituality of the early 21st century.

Presenter bio:

Dr. McGrath is a specialist in early 21st century studies. His best-known work is his book LOST and Lingamish: Numbers and Religion in Early 21st Century Spiritual Television and a Late 23rd Century Forgery (Los Angeles: Widmore Press, 3008).

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