Evolution and Religion Around the Blogosphere

Given that my last few posts have been about religion and science, I was struck by how many other blogs I read have also converged on this topic.

Cliff Martin highlights the problem with Intelligent Design, taking Gordon Glover’s latest offering as his starting point. Bob Cornwall is defining science. Stranger Fruit revisits creationist credentialing. John Pieret disagrees with me.

John Shuck’s church also celebrated Evolution Sunday a week late. Bay of Fundie has a post about (and a cartoon featuring) Tiktaalik. Jerry Coyne mentions and Doug Chaplin responds to a piece in today’s Guardian.

Although not quite on this topic, I should also mention Ken Schenck’s discovery that Calvin makes no sense. Also, James Crossley, Jim West, Tom Verenna and James Tabor touch on the decision about Gerd Luedemann.
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  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/07562402977211994270 Andrew T.

    Not that it proves you’re wrong, but part of Pieret’s argument — that the New Scientist cover would give misguided ammo to creationists — has already, predictably come to pass. Of course, the counterargument is that John West would have just made something else up anyway.