LOST and Found

Tonight’s episode of LOST continues to explore the time-hopping experience of those who remained on the island, as well as the gathering (at ever-increasing pace) of the Oceanic 6. If you haven’t seen the episode yet, spoilers follow. The fast pace presumably is not only because they only have 70 hours to accomplish it, but also because we all have presumed from the beginning that they will go back. There are some really wonderful moments, but Jin’s rescue by the survivors from the French ship probably tops them all.

The best line is when Sawyer suggests Locke might want to talk to his earlier self, warn him about the future and save him some pain. Locke replies that he “needed that pain” to get where he is today. I’ve reflected before that I probably wouldn’t try to change my path – not that my younger self would listen to what I have to say now. I suspect that such a conversation would go much like one of my recent attempts at conversation here. But I do like to hope that, even if a future me might not be able to change my mind right away, I would learn more from the interaction than my past self probably would have.

As for mysteries, the episode dropped an interesting clue. Daniel suggests that the reason for the nosebleeds after the time-skips has to do with length of exposure to the island. When Miles has a nosebleed, this doesn’t make sense, since he says he’s never been to the island before. Daniel replies by asking him if he is sure. Presumably we are meant to deduce that Miles is the son of Pierre Chang! If his parents were killed (during the purge?) but he was rescued and raised/adopted by others, that would explain why he has a different last name. Then again, perhaps we have simply not heard all of Chang’s last names yet.

I’ve been reading Bad Twin, and if there is one thing that it leads me to suspect, it is that neither Benjamin Linus nor Charles Widmore is simply good or bad. Both will turn out to be complex. The theme of dualities and polar opposites is brought up in the novel, but only in order to complicate them, and to point out how similar opposites such as “good” and “evil” are. Like “2” and “-2”, at times it can be easy to mistake one for the other.
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  • Locke was channeling Nouwen and Barth… i really enjoyed this last episode and really like your reflections on Lost. good times… now i gotta figure out how to work Lost or Battlestar into a sermon 😉

  • great episode last night. not to be Joe “brag about his posessions” but I am going back through lost with a friend and picked up season 3 for blu ray. It should come with a warning to bring a change of pants. I love this show and it looks grrreat on blu ray

  • stephen

    Sawyer cracked me up. First he says “Thank you God!” for the time shift as they are being hunted down and shot at in the boat and then “I take it back!” when they find themselves transported to a raging storm on the water. As Ben might say…”you just can’t please some people”.