Quote of the Day (Candace Chellew-Hodge)

“Those who challenge our beliefs or push our emotional buttons are in our lives to teach us how to go deeper into ourselves and defuse our emotional hot buttons. Opposition is a gift to LGBT believers because it forces us to consider our beliefs and why we believe them. We can’t complacently or blithely give our assent to beliefs like heterosexual Christians can. We have to work out our own salvation with fear and trembling. In doing so, we build a stronger faith and learn how to live authentically as the people God created us to be.”

NOTE: I considered at one point omitting the words that applied this point specifically to homosexual Christians, since it seems that there is an underlying truth that can be embraced and appreciated by all Christians, namely that opposition is something beneficial rather than detrimental to our spiritual health. But I decided to give the full quote so that readers can better appreciate not only this author’s insight but the experiences that have led her to have it.
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  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/12617299120618867829 Angie Van De Merwe

    This is very true. It is only when we understand that who we are without any “extraneous” clothing is a coming to terms with our innate natures and gifting. It is only then that we cannot be ashamed, as we already understand our nakedness. Therefore, no one else can disrobe us. We have nothing to hide or prove. We are free to be, whoever that happens to be without restraint, except to consider those who intersect our life by choice. And those we can accept as they are because we have come to accept ourselves, just as we are…

  • Bryan

    Not only could you have left out the references to LGBT without losing the important meaning, you could also leave out any reference to Christianity or God without losing its meaning. That is, it is those in our lives who emotionally and intellectually challenge us, that allow us to consider more deeply and intellectually honestly our own commitments, values and worth.

  • http://www.ammanontheseries.com Mary Fagan

    And when we are certain and comfortable with our beliefs, we can, as Angie said, allow others to have theirs without rancor. Leaving terrorists as a separate issue, we may consider that we are called to our separate interests. We cannot all be passionate about each and every cause. God is simply insuring that everything gets done!