The Chalk Cries Out

Thanks to AIG Busted for sharing this excellent YouTube video pointing out some major (i.e. glaringly obvious to anyone who looks at the evidence) problems with “flood geology”. There’s also some sarcastic humor to it too, making it all the more enjoyable.

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  • Jason

    Dr. McGrath,I haven’t actually watched this video yet (my daughter won the battle this morning to play but I have seen quite a few like it and enjoy watching them. But it is not hard to notice that most of these videos are produced by atheists (indeed, DonExodus2 is the only one I know who claims otherwise -catholic- but there could be more, I haven’t looked that exhaustively). Now I’m sure you could quote me some statistic about the huge overlap of mainstream Christianity and belief in evolution and that is encouraging, but it seems most of them simply accept it on the word of scientists. I can’t help but notice that those who really research it and promote it tend to much more heavily weighted on the atheist side then the general public.I am a Christian and I would like to think that I am so not because I want to be, or it gives me comfort, or I am scared to die, or simply on “faith”, I want to think I believe because God is a reality and Jesus is a reality, and Jesus death and resurrection are a reality. Reality, that is the key word. I now know evolution is a reality, and that the ark is not a “historical” reality, and indeed a whole other mess of things that challanged my simple evangelical faith of just a few years ago. I have slowly lost my fear of these things for there is no point in not accepting reality for what it is. But then I ask myself why any of my traidtional faith can be known as reality, and if so, why don’t all those atheists see it to? Is it perhaps the obvious answer I don’t want to admit, that I have very little evidence for that which I postulate to be the most important, so little that a great deal of educated people think I really don’t have any. Is it because it basically makes more sense that not only is the beginning of my Bible filled with myths but a great deal of it, indeed that most of my religion is just made up?This is hard, because it is so foreign to my childhood and even to my church experience today. Because in both contexts it wasn’t about whether any of this was true, that was assumed, it was only a matter of whether you would repent of your sin and seek salvation. People weren't nonbelievers because they didn't find any reason whatsoever to believe (exactly parallel to why I wouldn't believe in Hindu, Buddhist, Taoist, Islamic, Norse, Greek, Roman religions->as these clearly were false:-) but because they didn't want to repent(!), they didn't want to give up control over their lives(!), or because they are proud. Well I want to repent (and have repented!), and I want a savior (and have called on the name of the Lord Jesus!), and frankly having grown up in the Christian subculture my whole life there is nothing I need to "give up" to be a Christian…and yet I wonder now if it doesn't make a whole lot more sense that most of my religion, at least with respect to what we affirm as history, is made up. Dr. McGrath, I ask, is most of our religion just made up?

  • benjdm

    Wow. That’s a great post, Jason.You’ve left this snarky, outspoken naturalist speechless. :)

  • James F. McGrath

    Jason, I decided that your thoughtful comment deserved to be addressed in a full post. I hope you won’t mind, and I do hope you’ll have time to carry the conversation further.