Top 50 Biblioblogs for January 2009

Many thanks to NT Wrong for arising (like an ancient fertility deity or the Great Pumpkin) to list the top 50 biblioblogs for the month of January. I am grateful for the honor of being #1, but perhaps even more grateful for the other very interesting blogs that have once again been brought to my attention and that of others by this monthly listing.

For those of you interested in the semi-retired NT Wrong, Jim West has an interview with him at, including a photo.
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  • BSM

    James -How does he tabulate that rating? I’d be curious to know and love to do the same thing for my martial arts community. -B

  • N T Wrong

    Hi BSM -I use the site-ranking statistics available on Alexa. The site provides free rankings for the last week and last three months. The rankings are, in turn, calculated with reference to the number of users and the number of total hits. I copy the weekly user statistics four times a month, spread over the month, and rank by the average. (Occasionally the weekly statistics are unavailable, and I have to use the three-monthly statistics as a proxy.)You can obtain the statistics for any website as a whole, or subdirectories on a recognized blog provider (WordPress, Blogspot, etc) by typing in the following URL: blog URL]