Eagle Eye vs. Indianapolis

I watched the movie Eagle Eye, and since it has enjoyable twists and surprises I won’t say anything much about the details of the plot.

I will, however, note the irony (as a resident of Indianapolis) that they set some scenes in Indianapolis, and those scenes look nothing like Indianapolis. Not one of the scenes is in a place that looks like anywhere in Indianapolis or its vicinity.

What makes this ironic? A key theme in the movie (this isn’t a spoiler if you’ve seen commercials for the movie) is universal surveillance. And indeed, one can take an address in Indianapolis mentioned in the movie and search for a satellite image via Yahoo! or Google.

That’s all it would have taken for the filmmakers to see that it wasn’t a good choice of address for the scene, if they wanted even a hint of realism for the sake of Indianapolis viewers.

And so accessibility of knowledge, surveillance, and many other things are increasing exponentially in the present day. But until people to take full advantage of the available information, we seem to have some way to go.

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