Quote of the Day (Phil Plait)

“It’s dead obvious that creationism isn’t science, or even bad science. It’s nonsense. But I’ve long stated it’s also bad religion, because it doesn’t just take faith, it also takes a phenomenal disregard of reality.”

— Phil Plait, Bad Astronomy blog

Phil also recommends this video by a Christian who does a really good job of explaining why young-earth creationism and its various permutations should be unattractive for everyone, but in particular for Christians. I second his recommendation.

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  • Aaron

    Beautifully put, both by Plait and the video-maker.I’m a non-believer, personally, but I can imagine that the more rational of the believers (and they do exist, I’m related to several of them!) probably ARE really frustrated by these folks.I liked how the video-maker used the mechanics argument — coincidentally, I often use the same argument myself; It’s easy to relate to people — for some reason though it never quite sinks in for them. *shrug*