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Pushing the Button vs. Turning the Key: What LOST is about

I could be completely wrong – it is easy to be wrong about LOST, since we’re trying to put together a puzzle for which we do not have all the pieces. But I am starting to suspect that I am beginning to know what LOST is about. Not bad, after watching 100 episodes, eh? Imagine [Read More…]

LOST: Constant and Variable

Let me just start this post by saying SPOILER ALERT! I’ll be talking about the latest episode, and if you haven’t seen it, don’t read this until you have. I thought about calling this post “We’re All Special”, since it seems that Daniel Faraday has reached the conclusion that it is not only Desmond to [Read More…]

Get in the Mood for a Carnival!

The Biblical Studies Carnival #41 will be coming here soon. It isn’t too late to submit posts for inclusion. Just make sure they have at least some relation to the academic study of the Bible, or they’ll end up in the freak show at the tail end of the carnival… Many thanks to all those [Read More…]

Faith in Vane?

The title of this post combines two interests of mine: Biblical studies and bad puns. It is frequent, in discussions of the resurrection, for those who are persuaded that our beliefs on this topic ought to remain static to appeal to Paul’s statement in 1 Corinthians 15:17, which says that “if Christ was not raised, [Read More…]

Clinging to Faith

Whoever clings to his or her faith shall lose it, and whoever lets go of his or her faith shall keep it. [A variation on Luke 17:33] [Read more…]

Biblical Studies Carnival 41

This is just a reminder that this month’s Biblical Studies Carnival will be right here on Exploring Our Matrix. Send in the clowns…er, I mean, your submissions for the carnival! [Read more…]

Painful Growth

Growing is painful. No one who is now mature bypassed adolescence, and while we may sometimes feel nostalgia for a time when things were (or I should say seemed) simpler, most of us appreciate the broader and deeper, if more complex and less easily manageable, view of things that comes with growing up. Today in [Read More…]

The Red Pill of Biblical Scholarship

Scotteriology seems to be the latest to join the diablogue about inerrancy and the Bible that has intersected with, branched out from and returned to this blog over the past couple of weeks. The post there uses analogies from The Matrix, which makes it all the more relevant and appropriate as a reflection on what’s [Read More…]

Singing In Errancy

A number of blogs have intersected and interacted with the thread on Biblical (in)errancy here on my blog. Now the discussion can be accompanied by your choice of theme song. John Hobbins has the highly amusing details. Any bibliobloggers want to make an attempt at completing the lyrics and recording them? [Read more…]

Review of Young and Stearley, The Bible, Rocks and Time

Saying that The Bible, Rocks and Time: Geological Evidence for the Age of the Earth by Davis A. Young and Ralph F. Stearley (Downers Grove: InterVarsity Press, 2008) is probably the best book of its kind would not be saying enough, since there really is no other book of its kind: a treatment of the [Read More…]