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There are so many interesting posts today that simply adding them to the “Blogs I’ve been reading” sidebar will inevitably leave some out. So here are some highlights…

Jeremy Smith asks whether John’s Gospel hates on the other Gospels. Mark Goodacre raised the possibility that the centurion’s exclamation in Mark’s Gospel was sarcastic, to which Josh McManaway adds some further thoughts. John Hobbins explains why no one smiles in the Bible. Douglas Mangum contrasts apologists and Biblical scholars. Chris Tilling quotes Käsemann on harmonization. Anumma asks what things educators hide from students and why. Tony Jones interviewed Bart Ehrman. Matt Page shares a pdf by Ted Baehr of Movieguide about Christ in the Movies. Daniel Kirk is asking what annoys you most about the apostle Paul. Bob Cornwall has a quote from Kurt Aland about the canonization process (as well as another post on that subject). Nijay Gupta draws attention to three books including one in which I’ve contributed a chapter. Ben Witherington continues his series on Bart Ehrman’s latest book. James McGrath is wondering, with this many posts over the past 24 hours, what the size of the next Biblical Studies Carnival will be…

Drew Tatusko blogs about doctrinal whoring. Eric Reitan discusses whether God is a delusion. Gideon Addington asks God to save us from his theologians. Jesus Creed continues to look at how ancient Christians interpreted the Genesis creation stories. Richard Beck explains that there are only 10 kinds of people: those who know binary and those who don’t.

The Panda’s Thumb explains the real reason biologists laugh at creationists. John Pieret looks at weaknesses in claims about weaknesses. Answers in Genesis BUSTED shares a video about testing evolution.

Finally, Michael Emerson talks about LOST (HT IO9).

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  • David

    I would love to have you check out my occasional blog:Updating ReligionThanks, David Hamilton

  • Rev. Jeremy Smith

    Thanks for the link! Hope others enjoy the conversation as well.

  • AIGBusted

    Thanks for the link James!

  • John Anderson

    James:I have enjoyed following your blog, and also reading your stuff on lost. Please do check out my blog, if you haven’t already. I’m about to take comps, so updates are a bit slow, but the dissertation and teaching looms, and that is fodder for very much.Please do check it out and post.

  • Robert Cornwall

    James,Thanks for the plug! Might ask for your thoughts on the Didache sometime to see what your opinion of its usefulness might be!