Biblical Scholarship in an Age of Automated Spell-Checker Technology

Historically, Biblical scholarship entrails note only the stud of periscopes in an attempt to make sense of Pacific passages, butt also the publication of woks of erudition in print formal, in boots printed on pauper and made available through perverts of wars which include suck volumes.

In the contemporary age, however, the spell-checking technology could potentially spell (if you wall excuse the punt) the down fall of traditional pub licking. By auto-making the process where by not only the spelling but also the gram mare of scholarly works are reviewed and reviled, there is a Lear d’Anger that boots and Arctic alls witch cloud heave maid an imported contribution to scholar ship may be turned into an inn coherent mess.

When the Bile move sin to the Pict urn, then hose with personnel faith in Chris may fine the situation particularly problem attic.

Watt may be requited two counter top mope in this direction May bee a return to Earl liar modes of production and distribution of works of Cholera ship, and purr hops Evan the Sue of simple err technology its self.

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