We’ve been talking about faith and doubt on this blog quite a bit lately, and tonight I watched the movie Doubt. Since it is so new I won’t say anything that might spoil it for anyone. But I will offer a recommendation to see it if you have any interest in exploring the themes of doubt and certainty.

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  • Josh

    I have been interested in seeing it, and am especially interested in exploring the themes of doubt and certainty, and appreciate not getting a spoiler. But, I am wondering, did you enjoy seeing it? I lack a high degree of certainty that you strongly endorsed the movie…

  • James F. McGrath

    I did enjoy it – stop doubting and believe! :)

  • Angie Van De Merwe

    The only certainty we have in life is “what is before us”. We are certain of situations, and circustances that connect us to the ‘real world”, which are our jobs, and everyday life. So, certainty is about that…how we respond to those in our lives…The transcendent can only be doubted as it is not verifiable…so we must live our lives in our certainties…

  • Rhology

    Thanks for the rec; I intend to see this movie for sure.