Get in the Mood for a Carnival!

The Biblical Studies Carnival #41 will be coming here soon. It isn’t too late to submit posts for inclusion. Just make sure they have at least some relation to the academic study of the Bible, or they’ll end up in the freak show at the tail end of the carnival…

Many thanks to all those who have submitted posts so far!
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  • John Anderson

    With comps going on, I have not kept to the “academic” posting as much as I have or hope to. Perhaps my keeping everyone up to date on comps/prelims would count (and hopefully, for reasons of self-interest and self-preservation, NOT end up in the ‘freak show’ section!).

  • Edward T. Babinski

    I’m glad to see more of your posts dealing with inerrancy. More moderate and liberal Christians ought to come out of the closet regarding this question and admit what they really think about the question. Yes it is a divisive and heated topic, but inerrancy and creationism continue to spread not only in Christianity but also in Islam (where a belief that Arabic is the literal language of God and that young-earth creationism is true, has been growing). And do we really want a world like that? If liberal and moderates do not speak up, then what’s left, “atheists” have to engage the fundamentalists? Fundamentalists THRIVE on atheism, because they feel most secure debating people whose views are furthest from their own, since that excludes the entire middle and promotes the belief that people’s only choices are young-earth creationism and inerrancy or “atheism.”

  • steph

    Actually I get the feeling that atheists thrive on fundamentalism and conservative evangelicalism and find it far easier to dismiss Christianity based on fundamentalist beliefs. The thinking middle gets ignored.

  • Edward T. Babinski

    Hi steph said,You’re right.It’s also true that atheists find both moderate and liberal religion to be of less consequence and more like joining a club than a religion. Liberals don’t even claim to have defnitive “proof.” And fundamentalists view moderates and liberals in religion more or less as atheists do, as being of less consequence, and lacking in “proof.” Moderate and liberal religion is a world with more agnosticism and inclusionism. But people seem more drawn toward “knowing” of a “firmer” sort, or those who claim to know things of a firmer sort. At any rate the dialectic looks like it will continue. My point was that I am glad to see more moderates and liberals in religion voicing their opinions concerning fundamentalism/inerrancy/creationism, and not just their opinion concerning liberal concerns, or contra atheism. And I hope that the people in the middle of the spectrum do raise their voices more. It seems that being more liberal and agnostic and in the middle of the spectrum tends to make one raise one’s voice less because of all the shouting at the extremes. But moderates and liberals do need to speak more and be heard more. A lot of moderate and liberal books appeared in the religious section prior to the last election, complaining about how the Religious Right had stolen Jesus for themselves. I think that moderates and liberals in religion need to speak up for evolution and why they are not creationists nor inerrantists.

  • Hugh

    ‘ Actually I get the feeling that atheists thrive on fundamentalism and conservative evangelicalism and find it far easier to dismiss Christianity based on fundamentalist beliefs. The thinking middle gets ignored.’Quite so Steph , in fact the converse is probably moreso true . That religious fundamentalists thrive on the strident antireligionists such as Dawkins and Hitchens . They wring their hands with glee as it justifies their whole position , their vision of what religion is . Geza vermes recently said that the real threat to fundamentalist religion wasn’t atheism or even agnosticism , it was biblical literacy .Regards…

  • steph

    No Hugh – the converse is not “moreso” true. Both extremes thrive on each other. Dawkins thrives on debunking fundamentalist religion as much as fundamentalist religion thrives on debunking Dawkins. Edward is right. And James’ voice deserves to be heard and celebrated :-)