The Red Pill of Biblical Scholarship

Scotteriology seems to be the latest to join the diablogue about inerrancy and the Bible that has intersected with, branched out from and returned to this blog over the past couple of weeks. The post there uses analogies from The Matrix, which makes it all the more relevant and appropriate as a reflection on what’s been going on here.

On a related note, On Journeying With Those In Exile has a post advocating the abandonment of the terminology of “high” and “low” views of Scripture.

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  • Reuben

    Hey Doc, Excuse this comment for being out of place, but I thought that you might be interested in a brief article by apologist J. P. Moreland, “The Rationality of Belief in Inerrancy.” After having personally abandoned biblical inerrancy in part because of glaring errors and discrepancies, I marveled at how any scholar could hold to that doctrine, until this article eased my amazement. Maybe you’ve already read it, or are well versed in its approach, in which case, please disregard. Oh, and thanks for blogging!

  • James F. McGrath

    Hi Reuben! The article you mentioned is available online here, in case anyone is interested.