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Muslims, Baptists and Sabeans in Sunday School

Today marked the second (and final, although I’m not sure anything in my class is really “final”) of my Sunday school classes on Islam. We also touched on a number of key points about Baptist identity, which will make for a nice segue into what happens next: I’m going to take a break from teaching [Read More…]

The Only True God is Coming Soon!

While the estimate that The Only True God: Early Christian Monotheism in Its Jewish Context will be available in July has vanished from the publisher’s catalogue, now lists the date as May 26th! There may only be a few more days to benefit from the pre-order discount Amazon is offering of 33% off. It [Read More…]

Quote of the Day (Marilyn McEntyre)

“The question of which scriptural teachings are “non-negotiable,” and which bear multiple plausible interpretations, continues to divide the church, as it has ever since Peter and Paul debated the circumcision and dietary laws.” — Marilyn McEntyre, “Dogma and Disagreement”, God’s politics [Read more…]

Reading Greek, Syriac and Aramaic on a Pocket PC

I am quite sure that the number of people who have a deep desire to be able to read ancient languages on their Pocket PC is small indeed. But the fact that texts that should work are available online might lead one to hope. Yet most of the texts I’ve tried confront major issues. Aramaic [Read More…]

Spirit Cry review of The Burial of Jesus

Cameron Horsburgh at Spirit Cry has posted a review of my book, The Burial of Jesus: History and Faith. Thank you, Cameron! [Read more…]

Adventures in the Spirit: Part Two

Part Two of Philip Clayton’s book Adventures in the Spirit focuses on a (perhaps the) key concept for Clayton and many others seeking to relate religion and science, traditional theological concepts such as God and the soul on the one hand and data from physics and biology on the other: Emergence. Chapter 4 begins by [Read More…]

Adventures in the Spirit: Part One

In Part One of his book Adventures in the Spirit: God, World, Divine Action, Philip Clayton explores the methods of philosophy and theology. Chapter 1 is entitled “Critical Faith: Theology in the Midst of the Sciences”, and it begins by setting forth the goal of the studies included here, which is “to develop and defend [Read More…]

LOST: Where To From Here?

Ben Shapiro at Big Hollywood has some interesting philosophical reflections on LOST, coupled with some speculations about what happens next (HT SF Signal). [Read more…]

Islam in Sunday School

Today in my Sunday school class we talked about Islam. In recent weeks, we had turned to the subject of how Christians might/should view other religions, and it was felt that those in the class would benefit from learning more about other religions. It is hard, if not impossible, to discuss how one might view [Read More…]

LOST: Checkmate

Some excellent reflections on the season 5 finale of LOST have been posted at Entertainment Weekly by Doc Jensen (HT Carmen Andres, who also has posted her own thoughts about the episode). Here’s a sample, which represents his own theory about the significance of certain events: Much of the castaways’ history — including the crash [Read More…]