The Flesh Became Word

Before the story, there was a human life, interconnected with other human lives.
A human life lived before and with God.
Through him stories were made, and at least some of the stories that came into being came into being in connection with him.
In those stories would be life, and that life would be light for human beings.
Another person, named John, came on the scene.
His story fed into the story we’ve already mentioned –
For many became inseparable from it –
Although apparently John too gave rise to stories all his own.
But for the early Christians, John’s story was not the story.
The true story, that would give light down the ages, was coming into being.
The story is told in the silence,
and the silence has neither understood nor overcome it.
The story was told among those that might have been expected to be receptive,
but they often were not.
But to as many as heard it and believed it,
they found in the stories authority to consider themselves children of God,
children born not merely of human parentage but of the stories.
And the flesh became word, and was published among us,
And we read its glory,
Glory as of the unique Gospel
Full of grace and truth.
From the fullness of that story we have received one sort of grace after another:
The Torah, the story of Moses,
and Jesus’ story verbalizing grace and truth.
No one has ever seen God;
The unique story, close to the Father’s heart, gives us a glimpse.

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