Christian Nation Irony

It seems unlikely that at any point in the past the vast majority of inhabitants of the United States were devout Christians with a personal faith, as opposed to nominal Christians for whom their Christianity consisted largely of a “tribal identity” including churchgoing and assenting to some doctrinal beliefs and moral precepts.

Does it not seem ironic, then, that the notion of American having once been a “Christian nation”, and nostalgia for that bygone golden age, is found largely among Evangelicals, those very Christians who emphasize the need for a personal faith, and the inadequacy of a Christianity that consists merely of church attendance, denominational affiliation, or even moral living?

Am I missing something? Why would the very Christians who deny the adequacy of such nominal Christianity today, depict its heyday as a sort of golden age for American Christianity?

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  • Angie Van De Merwe

    I follow a blog site "American Creation", which has been discussing the disagreement of whether America was a Christian nation or not. A good post pointed out that America was a "protestant" nation and argued that "protestants" were protesting the institutional church. Thus, our separation of Church and State. It is an interesting blog site for those interested in our American identity.

  • Angie Van De Merwe

    I think the disagreement "rises or falls" on the question of whether there is a "supernatural identity" or not. Can a human being be totally identitified apart from their material and historical contexts…Paul's argument of our "transcendental" identity. But, I think this has led to a disengagement from the "real world" as a whole. It separated the spiritual and the natural too starkly. And I find that this has resulted in the sectarian nature of evangelicalism….

  • missivesfrommarx

    Interesting thoughts, though I would challenge the basic assumption. How can you posit a distinction between "devout" and "nominal" without implying that there is a true Christianity? I'm not aware that a mutually agreed upon criteria has been found that will allow us to determine what is truly Christian and what is not.To rephrase: is there a way to make a distinction between nominal and devout without relying on a test for orthodoxy?

  • James F. McGrath

    I didn't mean to sound like I was assuming a particular reification of Christianity. I simply meant to point out that Evangelicals generally define Christianity in terms of personal faith, and yet ironically tend to be the ones who hanker after a time when the majority were what Evangelicals would call nominal Christians.Sorry for not being clearer…

  • Eamon Knight

    Cynic that I am (but I think I'm right), I take it as a transparent attempt to swell the ranks, making Evangelical Christianity look like a major historical force, and the fount of American national virtue. That the Christians in question are dead makes them convenient conscripts, as they are unable to object.My perception is that this is a relatively recent development. Back in my Evangelical days (roughly, the 1970s and early 1980s), I recall the perception as being that Christians with a personal faith had never been more than a minority. I think the rise of the Religious Right changed this. But I may have been insulated from American Evangelical self-perceptions, by being both Canadian, and not yet politically aware (young, pre-occupied with school, etc).And to 'missivesfrommarx': I don't think James' question is about True Christianity[tm] (a mirage), but about the reported belief and practice of self-identified Christians. There are those whose religion emphasizes a "personal relationship with Christ" vs. those who treat it as a tribal identity centered around ritual participation and observing a few cultural shibboleths — into which group do the majority of Christians past and present, fall?(Yes, I realize that the "personal faith" crowd is itself just setting up another tribe with attendant markers — but it is a tribe explicitly constructed to be distinct from the "nominal Christian" tribe. Attempting to co-opt the latter in when convenient, but excluding them otherwise, is disingenuous.)

  • bpabbott

    Angie, you are correct, this is a common topic at American Creation. However, the topic of orthodox or otherwise, is more a common thread.Trying to corral the founders themselves or the citizens into specific categories of the Christian faith doesn't play out very well. Especially, when much of what is considered to be basic tenents of the Christian faith are absent in many who thought of themselves as Christian. For example, Trinitarian belief, the divinity of Jesus, etc.Describing the founders as Christian, Evangelical, etc requires special attention as to what those terms are intended to mean.In general, nearly all of the founding period referred to themselves as Christian, but to include all of them under one umbrella requires a rather liberal understanding of the term.

  • Scott F

    I think Eamon is on it. This is a rather handy variation on the conflicting notions held in many an evangelical head – "We are the Silent Majority" and "We are the Precious Remnant of the True Faith." By pushing the Silent Majority into the Golden Past, the cognitive dissonance is relieved and the ringing noise in their ears abates.

  • Lex Fear

    I completely agree.A rarity for me I know.

  • Drew Tatusko

    Because they are wrong and have re-written history to substantiate a false ideology. Like dinosaurs as pets for Ken Ham.

  • Tom Van Dyke

    I suppose there's some truth to your opinion, sir. Certainly the majority of Americans weren't Jerry Falwells. But in going after the evangelicals, it misses the larger truth, and calling America's Christianity "nominal" is a bridge too far."…there is no country in the world where the Christian religion retains a greater influence over the souls of men than in America."—Tocqueville, c. 1831More Tocqueville [cribbed from the internet]:(1.) “The philosophers of the 18th century explained in a very simple manner the gradual decay of religious faith. Religious zeal, said they, must necessarily fail the more generally liberty is established and knowledge diffused. Unfortunately, the facts by no means accord with their theory. There are certain populations in Europe whose unbelief is only equaled by their ignorance and debasement; while in America, one of the freest and most enlightened nations in the world, the people fulfill with fervor all the outward duties of religion�?(2.) "The sects [different denominations] that exist in the United States are innumerable. They all differ in respect to the worship which is due to the Creator; but they all agree in respect to the duties which are due from man to man. Each sect adores the Deity in its own peculiar manner, but all sects preach the same moral law in the name of God…. All the sects of the United States are comprised within the great unity of Christianity, and Christian morality is everywhere the same … There is no country in the world where the Christian religion retains a greater influence over the souls of men than in America."(3.) “The revolutionists of America are obliged to profess an ostensible respect for Christian morality and equity, which does not permit them to violate wantonly the laws that oppose their designs … Thus while the law permits the Americans to do what they please, religion prevents them from conceiving, and forbids them to commit, what is rash or unjust�?(4.) "On my arrival in the United States the religious aspect of the country was the first thing that struck my attention; and the longer I stayed there, the more I perceived the great political consequences resulting from this new state of things…"(5.) "Religion in America takes no direct part in the government of society, but it must be regarded as the first of their political institutions … I do not know whether all Americans have a sincere faith in their religion – for who can search the human heart? – but I am certain that they hold it to be indispensable to the maintenance of republican institutions. This opinion is not peculiar to a class of citizens or to a party, but it belongs to the whole nation and to every rank of society."

  • liberal pastor

    What is doubly ironic is that the supposed golden era reached its peak in the 1950's without the help of evangelicals in the political arena. They were intentionally uninvolved with a country that was not in their view sufficiently Christian.But for the last two decades they have had a prominent place at the political table and what do we have to show for it? The country has gone to hell in a handbasket, at least from their perspective. (From mine too with regards to what their wonderful Christian Presidents have done to the country.)How ironic, though, that they have such a rosy view of a period in time that they had virtually no part in shaping – again, politically.

  • missivesfrommarx

    Yes, if your point is that the very people that evangelicals would criticize as nominal Christians are also ones they want to enlist in their imagined "Christian nation" then I see your point. Rock on.

  • James Pate

    Because, at least when nominal Christianity ruled the day, people were kept in check, according to the conservative evangelicals' standards. It's related to the way that they romanticize the 1950's.

  • ElderChild

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  • ElderChild

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  • ElderChild

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  • James F. McGrath

    ElderChild, you may be unaware of the niceties of blog etiquette, but filling three comments with things that are not directly related to the post on which one is commenting is considered spamming.If you make no further posts (unless they are short ones actually discussing the subject of a particular post) and leave it at that, I'll let it slide this time, and assume you simply didn't know better.

  • Angie Van De Merwe

    Elder Child,If your "I" must die for others, then, my "I" must demand that your "I" submit to my "I"s adversion to your type of supernaturalism.Then, what? My "I" is empowered, through your "I"s disempowerment. I don't believe this is just!

  • Anonymous

    ah, they just don't make old-timey fundie mysogynists like this anymore.

  • Matt Kelley

    Two words: revisionist history