Lull: A Good Time To Subscribe

I won’t predict a hiatus, but there is going to be, at the very least, a lull in my blogging in the near future. I have a conference in July in Oxford on the Mandaeans, and some preparations for that and other writing projects that I hope to work on before then.

I may try to use that time to re-post some posts from quite some time ago. If I decide to do that, then there may not even be a noticeable “lull” per se, just a lull in new posts.

I noticed another blog having a “subscription drive”. I don’t know exactly what to make of that idea – is that something I ought to do here from time to time? I suspect that most of the regular readers and commenters already subscribe to this blog’s RSS feed and read it in Google Reader or some other RSS reading page or program. But if you don’t already subscribe, why not do so now? Add the blog to Google Reader or whatever feed reader you use. Or get content via e-mail, using the subscription feature recently added to the sidebar.

And if you already subscribe, then why not recommend the blog to someone to read/subscribe to?

If nothing else, in view of the coming lull, you won’t have to guess when normal blogging resumes if you’re subscribed. And if I manage to blog during my travels or at the conference, you’ll be up to date. You don’t really want to risk missing being among the first to hear about the ARAM conference on the Mandaeans, do you?

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