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Biblioblog Top 273, July 2009

Technically this monthly ranking is called the Biblioblog Top 50, but if you pay a visit, you’ll see why I decided to tweak it. It is great to see that blogging scholars are such a vibrant force, not merely in the blogosphere but also in the academy. The number of bloggers who will also be [Read More…]

Three Unspeakable Mysteries in the Blogosphere

Actually, the mysterious “three words” from the Gospel of Thomas have been the subject of much discussion in recent days on the Gospel of Thomas list-serv. But if you came here looking for information on those words, I hope you will not be disappointed by what must seem to you like a bit of bait-and-switch [Read More…]


I just finished watching Bill Maher’s Religulous. Some of it is genuinely skeptical in a good sense, and a lot of it is funny, often in a helpful way. The best conversation partners he had were those who were not dedicated to taking themselves and their beliefs so seriously as to attempt to shield them [Read More…]

Quote of the Day (Mark Goodacre)

“The SBL Annual Meeting is truly the “San Diego Comic-Con” of the world of Biblical Scholarship.” — Mark Goodacre, “SBL Annual Meeting 2009 talk“ [Read more…]

First Foray Into Graf: Sabians and Sethians and John the Baptist, Oh My!

A copy of Georg Graf’s Geschichte der christlichen arabischen Literatur arrived via inter-library loan in the past couple of days. Today I had my first chance to dive in and do more than just take a passing glance. For those who may be unfamiliar with it, it is a 5-volume bibliographical work that surveys Christian [Read More…]

Donnie Darko

I finally watched Donnie Darko (yes, for the first time) last night. It was mainly because Chris Heard had suggested the label for me. So please use the comments section on this post to discuss all things Darko – and the philosophy of time travel – if you feel strongly about these subjects. Elsewhere around [Read More…]

The Only True God and Element 112

Is The Only True God “Copernicum”? Pay a visit to The Church of Jesus Christ and let me know what you think. I’d much rather my book be “Copernican”, personally, but for most authors that’s too much to hope for. But I’m willing to settle for “weighty”, which Element 112 certainly is. I suspect it [Read More…]

On Reading and Hearing Papers at SBL

I will be reading a paper at SBL – and it will be heard by others, I hope. The paper will be about precisely that experience, in a sense – the fact that texts, including texts that contain intertextual echoes about other texts, as well as their prior contact (if any) with the echoed texts [Read More…]

On Knowing

I recently watched the movie Knowing, and as someone who combines the roles of New Testament scholar and science fiction fan, it was perhaps inevitable that I’d blog about it. I will be talking about details right up until the movie’s ending, and there is a sense in which the most enjoyable thing about Knowing [Read More…]

Do You See The Difference?

Over at Ecce Homo someone asked about the difference between Hurtado and McGrath on Jewish monotheism and early Christology. As I said over there, I’m much more interested in hearing how others perceive the difference than attempting to provide my own answer (which I do, to some extent, in my book). Those who’ve read my [Read More…]