Donnie Darko

I finally watched Donnie Darko (yes, for the first time) last night. It was mainly because Chris Heard had suggested the label for me. So please use the comments section on this post to discuss all things Darko – and the philosophy of time travel – if you feel strongly about these subjects.

Elsewhere around the blogosphere: The Biblioblog Top 50 pointed out a new blog (don’t worry that you can’t pronounce the title) on the Secret Gospel of Mark, which looks very interesting. It’s certainly off to a good start. And Bob Cargill explains to Fox news where Egypt isn’t (hint: it’s where the better-informed might look for Iraq).

"That makes perfect sense to me! ^_^ Anyone else agree?"

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  • Ah, but did you watch the original more mystifying version, or the Director's Cut which goes for a bit more explanation. (IMO the film was better in its more mysterious theatrical release)

  • I assume it wasn't the director's cut, since it wasn't overlaid with explanation. What sorts of explanations did they add? Did he travel through time to tell himself to stay in bed – the same time portal that ripped the engine off the plane his mother and sister were on? I've heard there's a sequel – any recommendations on whether or not it is worth seeing?

  • Owl

    The "sequel" is highly UNrecommended. It's a fan-made film, and Richard Kelly had virtually no involvement in the writing or directing of the movie. Furthermore, the plot seemed cheap and lacked much of the enigmatic qualities of the original script, and the acting left much to be desired.

  • Following the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) standard, the pronunciation of "Salainen evankelista" is:sɑ-laɪ-ŋɛn ɛ-ʋaŋ-kɛ-lis-tɑEvery syllable (differentiated with a horizontal line) is short, except "laɪ" in the middle of the first word, which has a diphthong. Remember to keep the letter s "less sharp than English [s], due to lack of oppositions with [z] and [ʃ]". Keep practicing and never despair! More information (and the source of the citation): the author of "Things I Learned Today: How to Use IPA Symbols".BTW, your blog has always been one of my favourites, and certainly one of the model biblioblogs, an examplar of the level of quality I decided to aim for, when I started to write my own. Thanks for that, and for your encouraging words, as well.

  • Thank you for the pronunciation tips! Your blog is incredibly interesting – as is the whole subject of Secret Mark!

  • Aaron

    Donnie Darko is one of my all-time favorite movies — the lines, the soundtrack, the actors/actresses, and the scenery. Great stuff. :)As far as the plot goes… man… you really have to watch it with director commentary turned on, as well as read the supplemental material in the bonus features, to really understand what the heck is going on. I won't go into detail because honestly I can't completely remember, but there are many mythologies about the DD universe that you would NEVER have guessed because they just aren't explained.that said, I enjoy the movie greatly on a purely superficial level — particularly Mary McDonnell's character, I thought she did a really dynamite job in that role. 🙂

  • Kay

    Donnie Darko is one of my favorites. I've seen both the original and the directors cut several times. Have you seen Memento yet James?

  • Kay

    PS – Or Dark City? Or Butterfly Effect?

  • I liked Memento, and Dark City. I never saw Butterfly Effect. Is it worth watching?

  • Kay

    It's not academy award material, but I liked it. I saw it and Donnie Darko for the first time together. It made for mindbending day.