The Church Of Jesus Christ Has Begun Considering The Only True God

I couldn’t resist the opportunity to have a blog post with such a striking title. But of course, it is the blog The Church of Jesus Christ that has begun to consider (and blog about) my recent book, The Only True God. Given that the blogger in question goes by the nickname Polycarp, it will be obvious how many potentially striking church history-related headlines I had to pass up…

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  • J. L. Watts

    Cannot wait! It's an excellent book, so far, and right up my theological alley – so far. (Polycarp)

  • J. L. Watts

    So, maybe everything is not up my theological alley, but the chapter on John was excellent, and I have reread it twice. I plan on finishing the book shortly, hopefully this week.

  • James F. McGrath

    Glad you're enjoying it, and look forward to your thoughts on the whole once you've finished!

  • J. L. Watts

    Done! I hope the review is not too, well, negative. I really did enjoy this book, which is why I entitled it the way I did.