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There are a number of interesting posts for Biblical studies folks this morning, as well as other closely-related fields. Jesus Creed continues its look at Genesis 1. The Aramaic Blog asks whether Barak Hussein Obama is mentioned in an ancient Aramaic manuscript. enters the Obama antichrist fray. Clayboy touches on the subject of whether creating a plural noun “Judaisms” helps us refer more accurately to first century Judaism(s). On Dunelm Road, there’s part three of a series on Paul and culture. Quadrilateral Thoughts uses Wesleyanism as a case study in membership. Hesed we ’emet reads through Walter Bruggeman’s lens. Euangelion and others draw attention to a new journal, Early Christianity. Paleojudaica notes that the Israel Antiquities Authority plans to have private owners of antiquities register their collections. Roger Pearse points to a collection of fragments from Papias in English on the Chronicon blog. Theophyle has been blogging about the Hyksos. Parchment and Pen ponders Princeton and Propositions. ἐν ἐφέσῳ is comparing lexical entries. Nick Norelli offers first impressions of the Rahlfs-Hanhart Septuaginta. NT Discourse looks at discontinuity in discourse. Narrative and Ontology is still examining יִשָּׂא in Ps 24:5. A Bible Junkie confesses to continuing the conversation about doubt. Lingamish shows what Alexander’s sword can do in the hands of a hippo – or John Wesley. Biblia Hebraica reviews Alexander the motion picture. BibleWorks has a new version of Pirke Aboth available. The Ooze looks at postmodern Biblical authority. Theological Scribbles is wrestling with divine punishment. Philosophy and Life looks at faith on authority (with N. T. Wright as a test case).

Just in case you thought there wasn’t much happening this morning in the fields of Biblical studies, theology, antiquity and other related areas – or were poking around looking for something to read…

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  • markbe

    Wow, nice finds before nine- thanks! But now i'm going to have to battle temptation all day trying to stay focused on work. :)Is "Around the Biblioblogosphere" going to become a regular attraction?

  • Mark Goodacre

    Great round up, James; thanks. In the bibliopodosphere, don't forget the latest NT Pod, also released first thing this morning,

  • James F. McGrath

    markbe, I do these from time to time, when I have time and there are that many interesting posts that I doubt they'll all fit in the "Blogs I've been reading" sidebar.Mark, thanks for mentioning the podcast. I often get out of touch with audio-visual stuff when I'm checking things from home.

  • Tyler Williams

    Hey James,Thanks for the update… just to let you and others know, I've begun a series of posts on Psalm 151, check out the most recent on Psalm 151 at Qumran

  • Theophyle

    Hello James,I read your book, “The Only True God”, only one word – excellent!

  • James F. McGrath

    Glad you enjoyed it!

  • Phil Sumpter

    I don't think I'm ever going to figure out what yissa' in Ps 24 is.