Biblioblog Top 50, August 2009

The Biblioblog Top 50 for this past month has been posted. It isn’t fair really – there are still a few hours for West Coast bloggers to get their rankings up. Ah, well.

Jim West hung onto first place using the same method as in previous months: a dozen short posts on total depravity each day translates into a dozen hits per day from those who subscribe to your RSS feed. The biggest mover is Scripture Zealot who jumped 36 places after discovering how to be a cool biblioblogger.

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  • Anonymous

    Off Topic question: James, I'm just wondering if you've posted anything on your blog about "proof texting". I can't find it using the Search.

  • So is this about anything more than the frequency with which one posts? I think it is a fun game, mind you, but is this all there is to it. Has someone done a graph which correlates the number of posts to the ranking?

  • Jim

    oh james is just mad cuz he was only #1 for an hour a year ago. pay him no mind. envy's such an ugly thing.;-)

  • Cmon, Jim, you know the next best thing to multiple posts about the totally depraved, if you want to increase your traffic, is complaining about other bloggers.Just wait until the next season of LOST starts, and then we'll see what the rankings look like… 😉

  • Anonymous, I don't think I've ever addressed proof-texting per se – and I'm glad you brought that to my attention, because now I'll try to post something on the subject.In the mean time, here are two tangentially-related posts: "The Bible's Greatest Hits" and "A True Story vs. The Whole Story".

  • Jim

    no one cares about other bloggers but other bloggers. and since there are, at best, 250 of those, that doesn't really account for 2500-3500 visits a day now does it…;-Pso take that and throw it on an island where everyone appears to die every week and then show up the next week unscathed!

  • You seem to be confusing LOST with Fantasy Island, but I suppose it's an easy mistake to make.If I blogged more about totally depraved happenings, I'm sure I could get more traffic, but I'm not sure I want that sort of traffic. The number of people who come to my blog searching for "hermaphrodite sex" is more than enough…

  • One of the great things about rants is that you don't need to do any research to apprise yourself of the facts. In fact, you are better off if you don't know any facts, because they just get in the way of the certitude you need to express in order to stir up arguments.On the other hand, while I completely agree with your analysis of Jim West's blog, I'm not sure you can point it out without straying into the ranting zone yourself. The classic Catch-22.

  • Holy (pun intended) doodles! This blog has articles on hermaphrodite sex? Jeepers, I'm going to have to start surfing around this way more often…

  • Jim

    vinny, you call this ranting? why it's but a pale attempt at a rant – unsuccessful in every way. now back to work for you, since you have important things to do, like write something on your incredibly entertaining blog…

  • Thank you for your kind words Jim. I hope to find some time for blogging soon.