Crossing Over

Just a quick movie-related post. I just recently saw the movie Crossing Over. It offers a portrait of diverse experiences by a range of (mostly illegal) immigrants in the United States. It is very thought provoking. Be warned, however, that this is probably not a movie to show to a church group in order to get a discussion on immigration going (although obviously it depends on the church). The movie features really graphic sex, violence, and foul language in English, Spanish and Korean.

Of course for some, those may be reasons to see it. But even if they are things that might normally put you off, the movie is worth seeing. It draws attention not only to the situation of legal as well as illegal immigrants, but also the difficulties that face the next generation, whether those born here to immigrants or those who emigrated to the United States with their families at a young age. And given the diverse and ever-changing demographic of the U.S., everyone ought to get some glimpse into the experience of the newcomers that are either us, or our neighbors, or our ancestors, or all of the above.
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