Jesus Seminar Videos

I poked around YouTube for videos featuring scholars and historians talking about the historical Jesus, and the following are two of the more interesting/useful ones I came across:

Marcus Borg talking about the color-coded ranking system used by the Jesus Seminar, and highlighting which elements of both the popular and dominant scholarly view of Jesus “drop out” as a result of being ranked black. He also helpfully clarifies that gray indicates uncertainty rather than unlikelihood – often it indicated the votes were scattered, rather than that the consensus was gray. Borg likewise explains why a “just red and pink” Jesus is not the answer.

YouTube Preview Image

Here’s John Dominic Crossan talking about methodology and the social context of Jesus.

YouTube Preview Image

There also seem to be half a million videos of Robert Eisenman for some reason.

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  • Jared

    Those drapes in the background are just ghastly.