Liberalism and Christianity around the Blogosphere

There are a few recent posts that I thought I’d highlight. First, Celucien Joseph has continued the conversation about Liberal Christianity. I’m not sure if he really gets what Liberal Christianity is (apart from a Conservative stereotype he may have heard), and I suspect he’d be surprised to find how many exegetes he’s read would fit aptly into that category. But at least the conversation is continuing.

Next, Drew Tatusko explains that you might be a “liberal” even if you don’t want to be. Read the whole thing, but here’s a quote to whet your appetite:

To be liberal is to be free to adapt to new knowledge, new questions, and new ways of understanding the reality in which we live. This is the brand of liberal I find myself not simply choosing to see the world through, but it is at the very core of what I am as a human being. Not to adapt to the grandeur of what we continue to know about our world would be like asking a bird to clip its wings for no other reason than to stay on the ground at the behest of something other than my own conscience and the insatiable curiosity that God gave all human beings.

Finally (on this particular theme), Joseph Hoffmann has a really thought-provoking post on the impact of modern critical thought and study on our thinking about Jesus.

Also of interest are Chris Tilling’s quote from Eduard Schweitzer on universalism and critical appreciation of Bultmann; Crypto-Theology on Paul’s ethics and Jewish ethics; David Ker’s exegetical sketches; Michael Pahl on Paul and Jesus meeting in Deutero-Isaiah; Broadcast Depth has an interview with Larry Hurtado; Brian Tucker posted on the cultural and theological identities of the Christ movement; Ephemeral Thoughts encourages us to have an original relationship to the universe.

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  • Hi James,Intersting article about universalism. This is another of my heresies, as I do believe that everyone will be restored to the Father. I think eternal torment is a pile of rubbish that is no where to be found. With a proper understanding of Gehenna, Hades, Sheol, and the Lake of Fire (none of which are Hell), the picture gets much clearer. So I guess that I too am a liberal in some doctrinal areas.

  • as one of my twitter peeps said, you could make it a comedy routine… "you might be a liberal if…" :-)And i should have cut that last sentence in the paragraph in two…Thanks!

  • Conservative stereotype of liberal Christianity? Does that mean you might have a liberal stereotype of conservative Christianity which you heard?Bryan L

  • My stereotype for conservative Christians is what I used to be like. And I hope that isn't too bad! 🙂 I've changed my mind about things, but having done so, I certainly can't assume that conservatives are, for instance, so staunch that "they" don't change their minds. "We" do. 🙂