New Directions in Pooh Studies

Any Biblical scholar who has never read the article “New Directions in Pooh Studies: Überlieferungs- und religionsgeschichtliche Studienzum Pu-Buch” by D. J. A. Clines is missing out on a classic that is highly entertaining. It is available online, so you have no excuse for not reading this gem!

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  • J. K. Gayle

    Thanks again for sharing that. One of my favorite bits is this: "Pooh's own sub-Aristotelian logic, recognizable as the product of 'clan wisdom', is well illustrated in the following logion:We keep looking for Home and not finding it, so I thought that if we looked for this Pit, we'd be sure not to find it, which would be a Good Thing, because we might find something that we weren't looking for, which might be just what we were looking for, really (H 7.121)."—For those who have the money or the time for a good library visit, there's also The Pooh Perplex and Postmodern Pooh by Frederick Crews. They have nothing directly to do with the bible, but have much to do with the ways (we) academics have purported to read texts.

  • Bob MacDonald

    Þery Þunny in extremis. I like this quote re Eeyore: "This is arguably the best account that has ever been given of the nature of philosophical thought."No mention of the circling of copses in search of woozles – well used by Akenson in his description of the footprints of scholars.

  • Ken Brown

    Brilliant. Thanks for sharing that!