Quote of the Day (Sherry Peyton)

“My faith is strong, but my beliefs are fluid.”
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The Bible Was Made For Humans
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The Bible Was Made For Humans
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The Bible Was Made For Humans
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The Bible Was Made For Humans

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  • Hmm. How delightfully paradoxical…

  • I think it is only paradoxical if one's faith is identical to one's beliefs. But for me at least, my "faith" is a general attitude, an outlook, an openness to a reality that transcends me and is greater than me. My "beliefs" about that reality are not that reality and are open to revision in light of evidence.

  • ROFL..I'm not sure whether to be embarrassed or flattered. Naked as a statement I guess it sounds a bit weird. LOL..

  • Well, if you're embarrassed rather than flattered, I can take it down. But it really sums up my own outlook quite well, and so the intention was flattery!

  • Read your post, Sherry. Sounds like your faith lies in your own ability to handle the truth, wherever you find it. Rock on! It's too bad that terms like Faith have been so poisoned that one must think twice before stepping over them on the sidewalk. As to Jim's "faith" … 🙂