Shocking Revelations About Jim West

Even as Jim West’s minions at the Biblioblog Top 50 have ranked him #1 for the 7th month in a row, a shocking truth has emerged about West’s credentials and may lead some to accuse him of hypocrisy.

In addition to blogging about the Bible, and criticizing those “dilettantes” who talk about the Bible even though they do not have the relevant expertise and credentials, Jim West also blogs regularly about total depravity.

Having obtained a copy of West’s CV, it has become clear that West has no higher degrees in total depravity studies. The implication seems to be that Jim West is himself…a total depravity dilettante!

In other news, it has also come to light that Jim West is a secret cat lover, and what’s more, his cat’s name is…NT Wrong! Could this be the identity of the renowned pseudonymous biblioblogger? Photos recently released under the Freedom of Information Act suggest that Jim West’s cat NT Wrong may have been blogging for quite some time:

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  • J. K. Gayle

    LOL -many of us have thought many of these things for some time now. Thanks for being the one to have the courage to say them (with pictures too)!

  • Jim

    jesus wasn't depraved either but he could spot depravity a mile off…;-P

  • Jim

    ok i've responded to your scurrilous accusations! so there!!!!!