Heroes Biblical Studies Carnival?

The last two episodes of Heroes (which are the last episodes until January) have been full of religious terminology and symbolism. Last week we had some discussion of the soul and evil. This week, we watched Sylar get crucified and Peter encouraged to “fight the good fight” while still others discussed a “promised land.” I suspect that much of this is simply there for no particular reason and will never be explored. Yet if there is one thing that is striking, it is the close association between positive religious symbols from the Jewish and Christian traditions, and negative characters on the show. Of course, the show has at times held out hope of redemption – and indeed, the brief reappearance of an old familiar face brought that theme to the fore. Perhaps the question being raised is whether the family which the carnival offers can be a genuine place of love and community even if the “pastor” of the community is corrupt and power-hungry.

But never mind Heroes – Chuck will also return in January!

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  • Who's the old familiar face? Mr. Muggles was on last week…with a girlfriend!

  • Mr. Muggles gets turned into a tadpole in the latest episode – sort of.I was trying to avoid spoilers. But if you look very closely at the post, you might be able to figure out to whom I was referring…

  • Oh yeah, the puppet man. You know, I don't even remember the episode in which he and Claire reconciled. I was surprised to see them hugging!